Somebody asked me, where do I find the passion to do what I’m doing now. I answered the query like this:

1. You have to look at the bigger picture what you’re doing. Ultimately, everything that we do is to please Allah Taala. May Allah forgive us with our wrongs and all the deeds that we put effort to strive will be piling up all the hole of sins that we made earlier.

2. My wife Putri Nurizatulshira had made me enlightened recently. When I was at my low point, she made me realised that what matters the most is we do things that Allah pleases with us. We have to remember that at our adult age, we spent large number of hours for working, that is where we want to get halal rizq to feed the family. Sometimes we have to be away from our family, is it worth it if we just do it for the sake of money, promotion or power? In addition, going over some shortcuts or backdoors to get the promotion or fulfilling our working KPI for example, is it worth it?

3. The same thing when we talked about our DNA. What is our values when it comes to our ibadah of hablum minannas? Should not we be doing work that contribute to help others be it in anyway, instead of just thinking about our own KPI? Instead of chasing things that we’re not sure whether it will be counted or not as part of the ibaadah.

4. That’s where my motivation and passion lies. I know that in Malaysia, good education is a critical area for us. Even for me, it is beyond the importance of improving the economies of the nation. Once we give wrong education direction, few generations will be ruined. As such we’re accountable when we make the necessary changes.

5. I found that our society is lack of critical thinking and ability to synthesise information due to the ability to acquire high order thinking skills. I found that we’re lack of good values in ourselves, not many of us learn the right values via formal education, perhaps it was the parents who put attention on it, but maybe it is still lacking at school and higher institutions because we’re very adamant on academic achievement

6. To fix this, I need to equip myself well with the right knowledge. I learn engineering not only for the technical competency but I learn the leadership

skill. And when I’m particularly concern about education, I have to make myself verse on the subject matter, hence the reasons i need to expand my knowledge further.

7. I believe that I cannot do this alone. I need support. I need more people to be part of the changes, marching together to go against all odds. Hence the reason why I passionately shared with others, especially the academia who are so comfortable on their own chairs to come down together and educate our students well. And I know that if I spread it out beyond my institution, we’ll see it become systemic in nature, and we’ll have more people who are equally passionate to change our future generation.

8. The job as the academic staff has to go beyond making its institution achieve the ranking and what not. We can be very strategic to achieve what we want on the paper, but are we really making an impact to the society out there? Or perhaps we’re just the ivory tower who’ll soon become irrelevant to the society? We must bring ourselves down to the people. We must educate, because as the academia, we’re educator first, our discipline second.

9. As such, getting promoted until I become a professor or meeting the KPI is just the intermediate for me. It is not my ultimate aim, I usually don’t give a look to that, but as best as I could work wholeheartedly to get His blessings by making the right transformation not only to this university, but with the hope that I made the right contribution to the society and nation.

10. Looking at that vision, made me never tire of doing my task passionately. Insha Allah, I know that if I’m persistent to what I’m doing, if I acquire the grit (the passion and the perseverance to do what I want to do), I am sure Insha Allah I’ll be there.

11. So here you go my life’s aim. Being a professor? Sure why not, but that’s not the end.