Flipped Classroom seems to be the ‘in-thing’ and the buzz word right now among higher education educators. It looks like a good model where all the students and the teacher collaborate together to accomplish the learning tasks. However, there are many things that we as the educator need to do in ensuring the flipped classroom is successful. I’d like to advise my fellow colleagues to do/acquire the followings if you intend to conduct flipped classroom in the near future:
1. You are passionate enough to do it and driven intrinsically to do it rather than wanting to do it because of your KPI, social and peer pressure, or you feel you want to do it for fun, or for the sake of experimentation without putting the right soul. Many failed flipped classrooms are not due to unavailability of tools but due to lack of intrinsic motivation among the faculty members, hence making them being mechanistic rather than putting soul in doing it.
2. You have high degree of perseverance to do it and would not return back to your traditional teaching style whatever it turns out to be. Students who come from spoonfeeding culture will be complaining a lot to you when they have to watch and prepare before the class. They’d want you to repeat again whatever that you have put in the video. They’d demand you to explain all over again as if they have never watch the video. They’d claim they paid their tuition fees for you to teach them so they can sit back and relax at the back while listening to you. 
3. You acquire high motivational skills to motivate your students to watch the prepared videos prior to their class session. You need to constantly motivate your students to acquire self-learning skills. You need to show powerful motivational materials so they could acquire more grit and be perseverance in learning so they’ll be able to grab more skills throughout their learning journey. You need to be able to inspire them so they know and do what it takes to be somebody in the future. 
4. You undergoes several training before you intend to do it. At least a 2-day workshop that will train you how to prepare good videos, quizzes and activities in the class. You wouldn’t want to repeat the same thing over and over again because there’ll be no element of surprise in the class and you don’t want to be predictable. 
5. You inform the students and convinced them throughout the semester why you are doing this and why you believe flipped classroom will work for your students. You don’t want to end up putting so much effort but students see little values in what you are doing. So, activate them as early as possible. Prepare them to embrace the change.
6. You show to your students that you care for them and will be alongside with them to assist them in their learning. You dont want your students to drown in the sea without direction. After all, this is your new job scope, facilitating your students learning. Get to know each and everyone in your class. Get to know their names and it gives them big appreciation that you know them. Treat your students like the adults and tell them that you are going to treat them like adults. If they misbehave or rude, they are no longer an adult.  
7. You build the material together with your teaching partner or you build it slowly. Start small. Don’t overdo it too.
8. You reflect from time to time on how to improve your delivery rather than just doing it. 
9. You provide a collaborative environment in the class where the students are free to mingle with each other to solve your assigned problems. Here, you’ll need to be creative in coming out with the right activities. 
10. You do it for the sake of your students learning, not because you want to do it for your own fame and for writing a publication. 
11. You love what you do, and you take high ownership of the success and the failure of your flipped classrooms. 
12. You treat your students as the individuals, rather than numbers. When at least a student come to you and saying thank you for whatever that you did for him/her in shaping him/her, give a pat to yourself at the back. At least you have touched a soul. 
So, please don’t do it if you dont have passion to do it, because it will just bring a bad name in the pedagogy itself.

It requires a lot of works. But if you have started doing it, go on and enrich your students’ learning experience!