Sometimes in life, especially when we are working in a team, we’ll need to undergo all these stages as ruled out by Tuckman, if we want to be a performing team.

No exception as well for the lecturers-students relationships. There’ll be a time when the storm comes. If there is no storm, it can possibly be
i. the lecturers are too accommodating and putting too much scaffolding (or in other words, too much spoon-feeding), hence didn’t allow the students to use their thinking critically or learn about perseverance OR
ii. the lecturers/ students themselves refused to listen and being authoritative in making decision for the classroom.

Both cases are detrimental for the students future development because for case i, you are making the students had a fixed mindset and taken aback when there are challenges and turbulence facing them and for case ii, you didn’t allow for a feedback to the students’ learning, and they will learn to be authoritative as well in the future. Of course authoritative is good at certain time, but the key important point here, when we teach it is not about us, it is about the student’s development.

Be positive when the storm arrives. Keep our mind open. Listen and give feedback where necessary and after that forgive and move on. The important key point here is, if the students did wrong, tell them what they did wrong, solve it and forgive them and never penalise them (in terms of grading whatsoever) for their unnecessary behaviour. Difficult isn’t it? Yes, lecturers need to be the big-hearted one. We are not only teaching the content to the students, or only about thinking skills. We also need to teach values, properness and building a resilience generation for our future.

For example, they call you b*b* or crazy. Don’t simply dismiss it. Highlight it and ask what is their problem. Tell them what you feel and understand their feeling too. Correct their action and move forward. Teach as usual.

As for my students, whenever there are storms arise in our class, I’m not that ‘terasa hati’. I know to err is human. And conflict would not happen if only one side causing it. So, just forgive each other and move on. Teach as usual. Relationship and bond created (norming) and only then students will perform.

Trust me, teaching is not easy.