Last night Nurhan insisted me to read a book for him. As for a 5 years old kid,  my way of reading a book for him is not only by reading it line by line. I added some spices too, so it provoked his thought.

While we’re reading about the lonely polar bear, i asked him, what does it feel being lonely? Then he’ll answer: SAD

Then further we discussed about the snow cloud that created reindeer, owl, whale, and seal.  I asked him:

Why they are not moving? Are they alive? Can they be polar bear’s friend? What will happen the next day? (He will answer it melts), then why it melts (i started to share about the heat from the sun, now I added science a bit, and  can further discuss about the miracle of Allah)

And the story ended when the polar bear met a new polar bear. I asked him what is his feeling etc?

I hope this will benefit the parents out there to make a story telling or read a story for your kids.