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March 2015


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Alhamdulillah, this is our first time delivered this talk together in Malaysia. Before this, while we were in UK, we delivered similar talk twice, one in Leeds, organized by Leeds University Malaysian Student Society (LUMSOC), and another one we shared this talk for our Nottingham friends and juniors, at the place somewhere in the forest, which we could not exactly recall what is the name of it. However for this time around, it is much more formal, jointly organized by SRCUTP, Helwi and One Quest UTP, in conjunction with Eve Convention.

How did they know about us? 
I was invited to KYUEM last two months to deliver a talk about LOVE to the students there, I shared it in my facebook and the students from Rakan Masjid noticed about this and asked me to deliver similar talk for them. Later, some of them, who are also SRC members and of course HELWI is part of the Rakan Masjid,  they invited me again to give this kind of talk in details for the students in UTP. I mentioned to them that, I preferred my wife to be there as well, because we developed this module together, and they agreed. 🙂

These are some points, shared by the event organizer after they attended my talk,


~ Love is not solely about emotion but it is about effort and responsibility of the person involved in that love. it is more than just a LOVE.
~ We have to know how to differentiate between LOVE, LIKE and LUST. If you cannot control the desire, it will lead to lust.
~ Falling in love is not Haram but it will become so for the lust prior to marriage.
~ It is important for people to know their own personality in order to make it easier in finding the type of partners that suit them the most.
~ Love someone because of Allah, InshaaAllah the love will last long.
~ True love need sacrifices, efforts, and full understanding of both partners.
~ Avoid conflicts by working out differences, do not run from the problems and understand partner’s personality again.
~ Marriage because of Allah will brings you Sakinah (tranquility), Mawaddah (Inside out) and Rahmah (Mercy from Allah).

Alhamdulillah, we’re happy that the audiences enjoyed our talk. Feel free to contact us at 013-4355007 or 019-5568007, if you’re interested for us to deliver this session, as Insha Allah we can tailor made this program to fit for one day or half day program.

The prezi link is meant for share. Sharing is caring. And all of these, are Allah’s knowledge, and none belong to us. Insha Allah if there was any recording done, we’ll share it here.



This is how I provoked my kids thought

Last night Nurhan insisted me to read a book for him. As for a 5 years old kid,  my way of reading a book for him is not only by reading it line by line. I added some spices too, so it provoked his thought.

While we’re reading about the lonely polar bear, i asked him, what does it feel being lonely? Then he’ll answer: SAD

Then further we discussed about the snow cloud that created reindeer, owl, whale, and seal.  I asked him:

Why they are not moving? Are they alive? Can they be polar bear’s friend? What will happen the next day? (He will answer it melts), then why it melts (i started to share about the heat from the sun, now I added science a bit, and  can further discuss about the miracle of Allah)

And the story ended when the polar bear met a new polar bear. I asked him what is his feeling etc?

I hope this will benefit the parents out there to make a story telling or read a story for your kids.


Second clip


Just for sharing what we cherished until now. En



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You grew up, ensuring that you did well at school and at the university. You met your spouse, found a good job, good pay somehow, and later you decided to get married. Then you’re in your honeymoon stage..

And then.. your wife is pregnant..and you’ll soon have a baby!

And that is the stage where your life is no longer as important as the one who is coming very very soon. You put a dot there, and it is not about ME ME ME anymore.

Once you have a child of your own, your life does no longer revolve around you (AND your spouse). Naturally, a lot of efforts will be dedicated and committed for your child. No matter what it takes, it is always your child that you prioritize the most. When he is at the baby stage, you want to make sure he/she is fed well, grown up well and you want to ensure that he/she grows up as a healthy toddler. You would also want he develops his motor skills very soon, and you would also want him, at the toddler stage to be able to understand your instruction, be able to read, write, count and so on. The faster, the better. My baby is a genius!

Then, he enters the kindergarten. Is it  the stage where you want him to be able to interact with others well, or only be able to read, write and count?

Then, he enters the primary school. What actually do we want him to be able to do? Getting number 1 every year in the class and score 100% for all the subjects he learnt?

Then, he enters the secondary school. What actually do we want him to be able to do? Getting straight A’s in their PMR/PT3 as well as SPM?  And then, what? Getting a scholarship and going to the prestigious university, doing the course that you’d want to do but you cant long time ago, but now you asked your child to do it. Be a doctor, daughter. Be an engineer, son. Study until you get a PhD, son.

And that is the mentality that has parked in our mind, the Malaysians, for ages. We are putting too much to emphasize intellectual capability among our kids, which actually to feed our nafs and desire. Then, we forgo about instilling good values in them. Never mind, let him be an arrogant or ego or snobbish guy, as long as he got straight As in his SPM and CGPA 4.0 at his university.

Or probably, never mind of him not having the courtesy to help others in need, or at least know how to boil an egg or cook the rice or hang and fold the laundry at the age of 15, as long as he’s a scorer at his school. Or perhaps, never mind of him not being observant to the surrounding, or not having a common sense when meeting with other adults or being a guest at other people’s house and keep asking for wi-fi password, because he wanted to play online games, as long as he did his homework and being his teacher’s favourite? Is it what we really want?

These are what actually concern me, and my wife the most. Our kids are the best asset that we have, and our biggest investment in this world. It is not for worldly gain, but importantly for the akhirah. For the day of judgment. So their dua will make us enter the heaven. And we also prayed for our kids to become the change agent in the society, i.e. those who are not only think about themselves only to go to His jannah, but to bring others as well into that direction. This is what we dreamed since when we’re in London, after being exposed to their good culture for years, and seeing the world as a traveler. Becoming soleh and musleh. Becoming those who are changing and bring the changes to others.

However, being in Malaysia, we have not much choice, but to remain, to stay strong.

This morning, I represented my university to attend a briefing on Malaysia higher education blueprint (2015-2025) in Ipoh. This session was brought by QIUP, Quest International University PERAK, and the talk was delivered by Prof Dr Zita Mohd Fahmi, the MQA Consultant Advisor,  and she highlighted the important matters in this blueprint. This blueprint will be launched on 6 April by the PM. The planning was fantastic, the contents are superb. Most importantly, it is about balancing the knowledge/thinking and the values/akhlaq.

Then I popped out a question, because I always believed in ‘melentur buluh biarlah daripada rebungnya’, and I said, how do we stuff all of these within 3-4 years of program at the university, whereas our feedstock was not groom well, let say in terms of akhlaq? How do we bridge the gaps?

And yes, she agreed that the education system that we have right now, need to be improvised. For how long, I dont know. And that is the issue when the universities and the schools are not talking to each other. And I am bogged down as well with the parents, teachers, academicians, administrators and those in the government’s mentality that are so difficult to be corrected. Somehow, I felt doomed, because there are so many improvements that need to be done in shifting the mindset of the Malaysians. And I felt Allah pull away His mercy from us, the Malaysians, sadly. Yet, we felt lonely because we felt that we are fighting alone with the BIG currents and BIG waves that kept coming to us.

We want a better Malaysia, and a better education system for our kids, but things change slowly and we are just being strong, for our kids. Fortunately for our kids, they have us. Yet, we pity other kids too, whose parents are busy chasing their own dream, and forgetting their biggest investment that they made in this world. 

May Allah make us stronger and stronger to make these changes. And may Allah make our kids to continue fighting for this mission, if we are no longer here in this world. But yes, we surely didnt want to miss the changes. It is  not only for our kids, but it is for our future generation.

Moga Allah redha.


2011-01-16 17.52.49

Alhamdulillah, doa kami ketika di Tanah Suci dahulu dimakbulkan Allah Taala. Sejak dua menjak ini, saya diberikan banyak peluang oleh Allah SWT untuk menyampaikan dakwah melalui pelbagai kuliah/talk dalam bidang-bidang yang saya selesa untuk sampaikan. Antaranya saya diberikan peluang oleh Allah Taala sejak tahun lepas menjejakkan  di UIA, UKM dan UTM untuk slot sesi motivasi belajar. Tidak kurang juga, minima sebulan sekali saya akan menyampaikan kuliah di Masjid An-Nur, UTP dalam pelbagai topik, contohnya dakwah via technology, personality, ujian sabar dan Baitul Muslim. Ada juga persatuan-persatuan pelajar di dalam UTP yang menjemput saya menyampaikan kuliah berkaitan pengurusan strategik, leadership dan Insha Allah minggu depan pula bersama-sama isteri saya akan menyampaikan talk berkenaan LOVE management, satu sesi dalam EVE Convention, anjuran bersama HELWI & MPP UTP. Love management adalah satu topik yang pernah kami sama-sama sampaikan bersama semasa di UK dulu. Isteri saya juga dalam masa yang sama mengajar English di sebelah petang kepada anak-anak yang berumur sekitar 5 hingga 12 tahun untuk mengayakan mereka dalam berbahasa Inggeris.

Saya dan isteri mengambil peluang untuk menyampaikan talk-talk ini memandangkan kami sangat bersemangat untuk mengubah paradigma masyarakat dan mengajak mad’u kami untuk berhijrah ke arah yang lebih baik. Tidak kurang juga, niat kami adalah untuk membantu insan-insan yang memerlukan, samada mereka menyedari mereka memerlukan bantuan ataupun tidak. Selalunya talk kami akan mengajak para peserta berfikir, keluar daripada kebiasaaan, memperbetulkan halatuju hidup dan itulah sebenarnya jihad kami. Antara sebab utama juga, kenapa saya memilih kerjaya sebagai pensyarah, adalah kerana ini adalah medan dakwah saya. Saya akan sentiasa memastikan, saya menunjukkan contoh teladan yang baik ‘cautiously’ dan penuh sedar, baik di alam maya ataupun di dalam kelas yang saya ajar. Saya juga akan memastikan saya memberikan mutu pengajaran yang terbaik, seiring dengan matlamat saya mahukan anak-anak murid saya menjadi yang terbaik, extraordinary baik di dunia dan di akhirat.

Inilah jihad kami. Dan jika sekiranya ada yang mencadangkan saya menjadi seorang motivator, atau pakar motivasi, saya rasa saya tidak layak, apatah lagi untuk meletakkan harga yang tertentu dalam kuliah-kuliah saya. Pertamanya, saya tidak sampai hati untuk menjual ilmu. Kerana ilmu itu bukan milik saya, ilham yang kami perolehi semata-mata dari Allah SWT. Keduanya, dakwah saya juga bukan untuk dijual-beli. Jadi, bila ditanya apakah kos talk saya, saya tidak pernah meletakkan harga. Walaupun begitu, memahami konteks masyarakat di Malaysia, yang percuma selalunya diambil ringan dan enteng, cukuplah saya katakan, berilah apa yang tidak membebankan dan tidak menjadi buah mulut orang. Saya suka dengan konsep Prof Muhd Kamil Ibrahim, beliau sangat serius untuk tidak menerima sebarang imbuhan,sekiranya ia adalah hasil kutipan di kalangan audiens nya sendiri.

Berbalik kepada jihad kami, kepuasan kami adalah pada membawa perubahan kepada masyarakat. Melihat individu-individu yang terkesan dengan apa yang kami coretkan baik di blog ini ataupun di fb (disclaimer: sampai sekarang belum ada akaun twitter, hehe) ,kami sampaikan dan kami ulas, ia sungguh mengesankan jiwa kami sendiri. Yang baik daripada kami, jadikanlah teladan, yang tidak baik dan tidak elok, tegurlah kami, dan jadikan ia sempadan. Moga Allah menerima apa yang kami buat sebagai amalan yang menjadi bekalan untuk kami ke syurgaNya kelak, Ameen.

Kepada sesiapa yang mahukan perkhidmatan saya atau isteri, untuk memberikan ceramah motivasi belajar, keluarga muda, pengurusan cinta, dan pengendalian bengkel-bengkel,  bolehlah hubungi saya di talian
013-4355007. Insha Allah mana yang kami mampu, kami cuba yang terbaik.


This is my second time presenting the similar slides. Please use it for your own consumption, unlimited. May Allah accept this as my good deed, Ameen.


Alhamdulillah, this evening I was invited to give a talk at Masjid An-Nur, UTP for the new students. Title of the talk, Da’wah via Technology: Like or Dislike?

This is the prezi link, means for sharing 2015-01-13 22.00.37

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Maafkan saya, status ini mungkin ‘geli’ kepada sesetengah orang, tetapi harini adalah antara hari-hari yang sangat indah untuk saya dan anak-anak dalam setahun. Hari ini saya meraikan ulang tahun kelahiran yang ke-34 isteri kesayangan saya. Ini adalah kali ke-9 kami meraikannya bersama. Sesungguhnya, menyambut hari ini sahaja tidak cukup bagi saya untuk mengucapkan terima kasih yang terhingga kepada beliau atas segala pengorbanan yang telah dilakukan olehnya.

Isteri saya telah melahirkan anak-anak saya yang comel, sihat montel seramai empat orang, tiga daripadanya adalah melalui cesarean, perut beliau dibelah untuk keluarkan anak-anak kami. Betapa beliau sanggup mengorbankan kecantikan tubuh badan semata-mata untuk melahirkan anak-anak saya.

Isteri saya jugalah yang sudah tiga kali berhenti kerja, dan kali ini menjadi suri hati saya sepenuh masa semata-mata sebab yang utama adalah keluarga. Beliau mengorbankan keupayaan dan kebolehan intelek beliau bekerja di syarikat minyak yang terbesar di Malaysia sebagai jurutera, kemudiannya berhenti daripada bekerja sebagai pensyarah universiti, kemudiannya berhenti lagi daripada memperoleh PhD daripada universiti terbaik dunia, semata-mata untuk menjaga dan mendidik anak-anak saya, dan membolehkan saya mencapai cita-cita ke puncak kerjaya saya.

Beliau, mengorbankan kesihatan beliau semata-mata untuk saya dan anak-anak. Apa yang dilalui beliau sepanjang tahun lalu, adalah sesuatu yang cukup tragis, yang pastinya, saya tak sanggup lalui, tetapi beliau adalah seorang yang tabah, dan cekal, seperti mana saya kenali beliau, 14 tahun yang lalu.

Beliau,sentiasa menyambut saya di muka pintu dengan senyuman, bersalam dengan saya sebelum saya keluar rumah, dan ketika saya sampai kembali ke rumah, dan memastikan saya dan anak-anak cukup makan minum di rumah. Hidangan kopi ketika saya berada di meja saya tidak lekang ketika saya asyik dengan kerja saya (dan adakalanya berfb!).

Beliau, tidak lekang dengan nasihat-nasihat dan menjadi penenang untuk sang suami, yang kadang-kadang cepat nak rasa marah, dan kurang bersabar. Beliaulah yang kadang-kadang memperingatkan saya, kerana adakalanya saya tersasar, dan terlengah-lengah dalam beramal. Beliaulah isteri saya, Putri Nurizatulshira bt Buang.

Sungguh, saya tak tahu nak membalas jasa beliau bagaimana. Doa saya di Padang Arafah hingga ke hari ini, agar isteri saya ini menjadi peneman saya ke syurga kelak, dan moga Allah menjadikan beliau ketua bidadari saya di syurga nanti. Terima kasih kepada ibu dan ayah kerana membesarkan dan mendidik beliau.

This is my dedication song for her, Happy birthday dear. Moga Allah merahmatimu sentiasa. Ameen.

(Lionel Richie)

My love, there’s only you in my life
The only thing that’s right

My first love,
You’re every breath that I take
You’re every step I make

And I, I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do

And your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love

Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun

Forever (oh) I’ll hold you close in my arms
I can’t resist your charms

And love oh, love
I’ll be a fool for you I’m sure
You know I don’t mind
Oh, you know I don’t mind

‘Cause you,
You mean the world to me
Oh I know
I’ve found in you
My endless love

Oh, and love oh, love
I’ll be that fool for you I’m sure
You know I don’t mind
Oh you know, I don’t mind

And, yes you’ll be the only one
‘Cause no one can deny
This love I have inside
And I’ll give it all to you
My love, my love, my love
My endless love

P/S: Thank you to AGELOC (R2 particularly) for the glowing face of my wife 😀

Motivational Talk Organized by Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik, UTM

A good friend of mine from London, and currently works at UTM, Dr Zaid Omar, invited me to give a motivational talk to their 1st year 2nd semester students. These students are selected based on their performance in their first semester, and this talk is meant to boost their motivation to be a successful university graduate in the future. These are some excerpts from my talk, which were recorded by my wife.

There’ll be few more youtube links (up to 10 videos) that I will share it here, Insha Allah. ‘Ala kulli hal, Alhamdulillah and I hope that the talk will be beneficial to the students, Insha Allah. The link of the slides can be found here:

Thank you!

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