Last weekend I spent my time coordinating Chemical Engineering Students Bootcamp for 1st year students. This is our first time ever organizing these 3 days 2 nights engagement session with the first year students to ensure that the students are performing well in their academic study, balancing their life well as well as most importantly, have the right mind set as a university students.

In the second day of the session, I have to give two talk: 1. Motivational Talk, and 2 . Study Management Talk to the students. These are the links and some pictures meant to be shared



IMG_8848 IMG_8849 IMG_8858 IMG_8860 IMG_8867 IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8929 IMG_8945 IMG_8949 IMG_8954 IMG_8965 IMG_8967 IMG_9027 IMG_9044 IMG_9063