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December 2014


FAT and SAD are the two words that cannot be dissociated with each other. Those who are FAT, OBESE will understand this: the struggles, the confidence level, and sometimes it can lead to stress and depression. I myself sometimes feel disheartened with the inconsistency of trying to lose weight, especially the challenges that I faced when I came back to Malaysia. It is so difficult to get back to the routine of working out and healthy eating. And it is much more disheartened to have your colleagues and acquaintances to simply say hello to you, with the connotation, “Hey, you gained weight again? Thought you went to the gym and working out”..if you’ve never been FAT and OBESE, you would not understand the feeling that we have, seriously. So please don’t simply hurt your friends unintentionally about their physical being.

But now, I want to rebound again and I’ll make sure I regain a healthy habit for me and my family’s future. A healthy living, Insha Allah.


Berjurai melati serkah lamuni
Indah kesidang menyerlah maya
Menjadi dai’e cecita murni
Aqidah tunjang akhlak kuncinya

Mentari jingga menyimbah laman
Sinaran ke atap indah bertamu
Sedari remaja  guruku berpesan
Tinggikan adab daripada ilmu

Tindik puteri merah menyerlah
Cantik berjajar dibuat kelarai
Mendidik daie tidaklah mudah
Teori diajar, praktikal dituai

Segak perwira di hujung beranda
Cincin suasa cantik tersemat
Pabila bicara banyakkan waspada
Sesuai bahasa mengikut pangkat

Berbega kenari riang di awan
Purnama menyuluh sarang tekukur
Pabila dai’e terjun ke medan,
Mehnah ditempuh, istiqamah pengukur

Kekwa menjalar di tengah lembah
Megah di laman pohonan kekabu
Berjiwa besar ciri pendakwah
Ambillah teguran semat di kalbu

Right reserve: Mohammad Tazli Azizan on 5 Nov 2010 – 3.15 am


Ada sahabat saya yang bertanya, macam mana saya boleh sejak habis PhD terus boleh sambung masuk kerja pensyarah dan tak perlu peralihan masa? Selalunya, pensyarah-pensyarah yang baru habis PhD memerlukan antara 1 tahun ke 2 tahun sebelum benar-benar boleh menjadi ‘full fledge lecturer’ i.e. boleh fokus kepada mengajar, research dan kerja-kerja pentadbiran. Ada juga yang sukar sehingga ambil masa 3-4 tahun baru dapat ‘masuk line’.

Saya beritahu kawan saya, saya pun tak tahu macammana dan apa formulanya. Saya beritahu beliau, pencapaian saya pada tahun ini semuanya kerja Allah Taala. Pada saya, niat buat kerja lillahi ta’ala, banyak permudahkan urusan orang lain dan mudah-mudahan atas asbab itu, Insha Allah Allah akan bantu. Seperkara lagi, ambil masa untuk kenali orang, berbaik-baik dengan orang sekeliling dan jauhi persengketaan.

Sejak saya benar-benar tamat PhD pada Mei 2014, saya ditawarkan menyertai kembali projek biodiesel yang pernah tertangguh, maka dalam tahun ini sahaja beroleh dua pingat emas di peringkat kebangsaan. Seorang pensyarah berhenti kerja, dan semua geran penyelidikan beliau berserta alat-alatnya diberikan kepada saya menjadikan sebagai principal investigator projek. Beberapa orang pensyarah lain juga mengajak saya menyertai projek mereka dan dalam pada masa yang sama saya ditawarkan menyertai business model lab, menjadikan saya ‘well aware’ dengan perjalanan sebuah universiti. Memegang jawatan sekarang pun saya simpulkan sebagai rezeki (dan juga amanah yang sangat besar), Tidak pernah terlintas di fikiran atas asbab penyertaan saya dalam suatu bengkel berkenaan penubuhan center yang saya ketuai sekarang menyebabkan saya sendiri dipilih menjadi ketuanya. Semua ini kerja Allah Taala. Mungkin juga rezeki atas pengorbanan isteri meninggalkan perjuangan PhD beliau.

Saya masih ingat niat saya menghantar permohonan geran FRGS baru-baru ini ialah untuk kejar KPI, tapi Allah tak beri, maka permohonan saya gagal. Mungkin sebab niat saya bukan kerana Dia sebaliknya mengejar KPI.

Pesan saya kepada sahabat saya, jangan tinggalkan solat dhuha, moga Allah permudahkan urusan, dan moga segala apa yang kita buat baik di tempat kerja, di rumah dan di mana-mana sekalipun, didorong olehNya hanya semata-mata lillahi Taala, bukan atas apa jua sebab sekalipun.

Moga Allah redha.


Among the things that we should observe when communicating to other people especially in Malaysia, please do not forget the pre-amble. If you call your secretary, your executive, support staff within the company and you really need their help to speed up things, getting to know them really helps a lot. Ask them, how are you, if you are asking the ladies with families, ask them how’s your family, how’s your kids. And if you happen to ask the gentlemen, talk about something that you have in common, like football (which is not me!). It would not waste your time, 1-2 mins really made a big impact to speed up any delay that you’re facing. Being professional should not stop you from building a healthy relationship among the employees, but being professional is about protecting your integrity. So, the understanding of the workplace culture and the nation’s culture is very important when you’re working, in Malaysia especially. If we refer to 7th habits of highly effective people, read back at the time management section, you’ll see that relationship building falls into the 2nd quadrant i.e. not urgent, but important. You’ll reap what you sow later, Insha Allah. Be good to the people, Allah will help you. 🙂

Requesting your kind help

Guys, I need your help. Alhamdulillah, we’ve been blessed by Allah with a daughter who is very excellent in her writing skills, and we didn’t want it to be forgotten and drained just like that. Well you know how submissive our education system is and how robotic the kids would be if we ourselves as parents stop nurturing them at home and just expecting the school to take care of them wholly. She’s currently 8 years old. This part of the story (there is another second half which I didnt publish it here) was written since last night. The ideas flow very well. She had few other stories before and we do plan to compile and publish it as a book, which would make her motivated to read and write more. If you got to know a good publisher that publish kids storybooks who we can approach and make this happen, please, by all mean. Thank you very much!

Fairy Clouds by Nur Najihah Amanina


“This is going to be the most boring holiday ever,”complained Emily’s big brother, Alex as the train came to a halt at the railway staition. Emily didn’t listen. She was already spotting Uncle Mark,Auntie Hanna and their son and daughter, Marco and Annie. Annie and Emily are both nine years old and Marco and Alex are both twelve years old.As soon as the doors opened,Emily ran out to them to give them a hug,not feeling a bit shy. Emily and Annie believe in fairies but the others don’t.On the way to Uncle Mark’s cottage, they stopped at a garage.Uncle Mark was chatting to the man next to him which Emily believed that was the owner,Mr Chris.Then Emily saw two fluttery yellow things that were flying around in the shop.Emily quickly told Annie about the two things she saw and they both got out of the car.”Are you both alright?” asked Uncle Mark.

Emily and Annie just nodded and ran straight to the shop to see what was flying.Then they saw it.Those fluttery yellow things were two fairies both holding a chocolate bar.The fairies saw them too and slowly introduced themselves.”Hello, I’m Connie.”Connie said cheerfully.Connie had long,black and smooth hair and was dressed in a purpley pink cardigan and a short skirt made out of fresh sweet smelling lilys.She wore glasses that had flowers decorating it.Then the next fairy introduced herself.”Hello, I’m Garnet.”Garnet said quietly.Garnet had a rather sensible and silent look on her face and had tied hair with white roses clipped on her hair too.She wore a blue and white cardigan on and had a skirt made out of pink roses. They both had glittery wings which they showered with golden dust.”What’s your name?” asked Connie.”Hello, I’m Emily and this is my cousin Annie,”Emily introduced.Suddenly they heard Auntie Hanna calling them.”If you want us to meet you tonight, put some chocolate on the windowside tonight and we’ll wake you guys up okay?” Connie asked.”Okay,”they replied.”Here, take this.”Garnet said while handing them the chocolate bar.”Emily,Annie hurry up!” Alex shouted. He had already woken up and was in grouchy mood as well as Marco.”See you tonight!”shouted the fairies.

That night, Emily and Annie put the chocolate bar at the windowside and went sleep.About seven minutes later,the fairies came and woke them up.They both were dressed in which looked like pyjamas and they both had a sad look on their face. Connie was dressed in pink pyjamas and lily glasses and they both had glittery wings.Garnet was dressed in white pyjamas and her hair was loose now so her was quite long.”What’s wrong?” Annie asked. Suddenly Connie fell on too Annie’s hand and said,”We are so sad because our home is going to be removed. Our home is in the clouds. It is going to be destroyed because we lost something very special which is the Gem Of Clouds.Without the gem, no more snow and rain will come.We only have a week left. Tommorow we will come with Queen Rosy.Queen Rosy and the whole of Fairycloud Land needs both of your help.”We try and you guys as soon as possible” said Annie.”Okay if that’s so,meet us at the bottom of the garden at 2 o’clock tommorow in the afternoon.” said Garnet.

The next afternoon, Emily and Annie went out straight to the garden. A few minutes later, Connie and Garnet arrived with Queen Rosy.Queen Rosy was dressed in a long dress made out of pink roses and wore a red cardigan made out of red roses. Her crown was made out of the freshest white roses ever and her wings were the most glitteriest wings that Emily and Annie had ever seen.”Hello Emily and Annie, how are you?”she asked.”We are fine thank you Queen Rosy.” They both replied shyly.”Oh, there’s no need to be shy to me” said Queen Rosy.Suddenly Garnet shouted,”Hey, I think I found a piece of the gem!”.Everybody rushed around to see.Emily then picked it up.”I think you guys should keep it” said Queen Rosy.Then Auntie Hanna called them inside.”Come on, let’s go to the market” said Auntie Hanna while putting on her jacket.”Put on your jacket and boots and let’s go!” she added.At the market, there were so many things to buy. Auntie Hanna bought quite a lot of stuff.”Tell me, do you go to the market a lot of times, Annie?” Emily asked.”Not really, I just stay home and watch TV or read a book, you know.”Annie replied, shoving some fruits in a plastic bag.”Come on girls, let’s go to the book stall.” Auntie Hanna said, struggling with some plastic bags. At the book stall,Annie and Emily saw some good fairy books.Annie picked up one book and asked,”Mum, please could we buy one book each?”Auntie Hanna looked at them and replied,”Alright, but promise me don’t get it ruined.””Okay,we promise.”They answered.

Back at the cottage,Alex was chatting happily with Marco about cars,motors …..

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