Assalamualaikum wrt and good evening,

As you all aware, I’ll have two final slots tomorrow, and I’ll cover on electrical hazards. The lecture will proceed as usual tomorrow, Insha Allah.

It turned up that only 10 students appeared tonight. I am neither surprised nor sad, well I guess all of you may have more important things to deal with rather than attending HSE class.

For the past three weeks, out of 240 students registered for HSE, i guess i taught only 40+ of you, some appeared once, and very few were consistent. If I am being stringent, 200 of you can be barred from sitting for the HSE exam, when you didnt attend minimum 2 hours lectures. Altogether, there are 18 hours of lectures I should give (but I cancelled and replaced few), but I didnt plan to take any action against you guys. I dont mind, you’re all adult and you can already decide what is good and what is bad for you.

What concern me the most is the attitude, particularly towards seeking knowledge. Sadly, our educational system has molded us to become an exam oriented people, rather than as the knowledge enthusiast. The purpose of attending the university is for the sake of a certificate, rather than seeking additional knowledge for the use in the future. By not attending lectures, and by revising the lecture notes only, surely I believe you can pass in most of the course, but does it give any added value to your life?

A university is not a factory to produce people so that they can work in the industry.A university is a prestige place where you seek knowledge, and learn to adjust our attitude, be wiser but humble, learn about wisdom, not a place where you wanted to touch and go and leave. Our task as a lecturer is easy, we just lecture you whether you understand it or not, but our task is more difficult as an educator. We are not only lecturing you and evaluate you in the exam, but we educate you so you turn up as a useful human being that serve well the society and the industry, rather than being a high quality robot without senses.

There is nothing to rush when you come to the university, it is a place to learn many things and many aspects of your life. I myself learnt that, as your knowledge added, as you learnt at a higher degree, the more that you realize, all the knowledge are godsend and the more humble you be. The intelligence is also rewarded by Him and just imagine that He can take it anytime from anyone of us.

Please remember guys, once you stop seeking knowledge, your wisdom and your intelligence fade. All the best for your future undertakings. And as for HSE, if you really feel that it got nothing to do with you now, think again.

All the best.