Alhamdulillah, this morning I was given an opportunity to give a talk in UKM, organized by Kelab Sains Makanan & Pemakanan (KESAMAP), Kelab Teknologi Kimia dan Kelab Kimia. There were two slots, so the first title was What it takes to become a successful university graduate and the second one was Study Management. 9 Tips were shared in the first talk (as I said to them, giving 10 tips is soooo mainstream, instead I gave 9) and in the second talk we discussed about time management, notes management and group study management. Yet to know the feedback of the talk, but at least I can see that the students eyes were opened widely i.e. not caught sleeping haha. May Allah enable them to become a successful person in this world and the hereafter. 10850321_10152433198115825_6016480605812626841_n 10857878_10152433198245825_4000075782913329335_n10846482_10152433198520825_3712515190712007824_n2014-12-13 23.08.542014-12-13 23.08.44