FAT and SAD are the two words that cannot be dissociated with each other. Those who are FAT, OBESE will understand this: the struggles, the confidence level, and sometimes it can lead to stress and depression. I myself sometimes feel disheartened with the inconsistency of trying to lose weight, especially the challenges that I faced when I came back to Malaysia. It is so difficult to get back to the routine of working out and healthy eating. And it is much more disheartened to have your colleagues and acquaintances to simply say hello to you, with the connotation, “Hey, you gained weight again? Thought you went to the gym and working out”..if you’ve never been FAT and OBESE, you would not understand the feeling that we have, seriously. So please don’t simply hurt your friends unintentionally about their physical being.

But now, I want to rebound again and I’ll make sure I regain a healthy habit for me and my family’s future. A healthy living, Insha Allah.