Among the things that we should observe when communicating to other people especially in Malaysia, please do not forget the pre-amble. If you call your secretary, your executive, support staff within the company and you really need their help to speed up things, getting to know them really helps a lot. Ask them, how are you, if you are asking the ladies with families, ask them how’s your family, how’s your kids. And if you happen to ask the gentlemen, talk about something that you have in common, like football (which is not me!). It would not waste your time, 1-2 mins really made a big impact to speed up any delay that you’re facing. Being professional should not stop you from building a healthy relationship among the employees, but being professional is about protecting your integrity. So, the understanding of the workplace culture and the nation’s culture is very important when you’re working, in Malaysia especially. If we refer to 7th habits of highly effective people, read back at the time management section, you’ll see that relationship building falls into the 2nd quadrant i.e. not urgent, but important. You’ll reap what you sow later, Insha Allah. Be good to the people, Allah will help you. 🙂