Three key words related to sabr:
To be patient, to persevere and to self-restraint from doing wrong things

In Gaza issue, if when we want to instill sabr in ourselves, may these tips help:

1. Do boycott Israeli goods all the time. Check the label continuously. (to restraint self & to persevere)
2. Do not boycott others who do not boycott Israeli goods. Boycotting others who do not boycott Israeli goods doesn’t mean we are holier than thou. (to restraint self)
3. Do spend time to explain to others about Gaza and Palestine issue, to all Muslims and the non-Muslims, continuously, constantly no matter what’s the respond you got. This is not a religious issue, it is a HUMANITARIAN issue. (to be patient and to persevere)
4. Do constantly give and donate to Palestine in any condition. (to persevere)
5. Do pray and make doa, continuously, to Allah and may Allah forgive our sins, and help the Palestinian, and may Allah gives lessons to those who have the power, but keep silent when they are suppose to act!

May Allah give us sabr and may our sabr yields abundance of reward from Allah and the Palestine’s victory, Insha Allah.