1) Falahuddin sharing his thought with Putri Nurizatulshira
” Living in this world is like the survival mode in MINECRAFT (because you have to survive to live), but living in the heaven is like the creative mode, you can do anything you want”

2) While i was doing dishwashing, he came
Falah: Abi, here, it is for you
Abi: What is it Falah?
Falah: It is a love letter, because i love you
Abi: (wet hand), ok Falah thank you
Falah: where shall i put this?
Abi: here, put it here. Thank you Falah
Falah: Ok, keep it safe!

Dalam hati banyaaaaak taman. Selasak-lasak Falah, he’s emotionally attached

3) Falah said, “Abi, I want two Falahs and two Nurhans. The real me and Nurhan stay at home and the not real ones go to school, so I can play games all the time”

“What about abi?”
“I want two abi, the real one goes to office and the not real one stay at home”

“Didn’t you like going to office abi?”

“So that the not real abi be not angry at you when you play the game all the time?”

He grinned!