Living in London for the past 3 and a half years has taught us so many things about life and about ourselves. We have changed and matured so much as a person – parents, husband and wife, community member, and as a muslim – so much so that right now we felt really ‘exhausted’ going through the challenges that have shaped us so much. But we will never swap these experience for anything else in this world – our time in London is definitely the most pivotal period in our lives, as of yet. And we’re very grateful to Allah for granting us this path of ‘tarbiah’. 

Which comes to my question, how can my family, relatives, friends and members of the public, basically, experience this kind of ‘life-changing/learning/challenges-that-will-change-and-shape-your-lives’ opportunity without having to go overseas? How many Malaysians living their daily lives in Malaysia can experience a different point of view, surroundings and life challenges- to the point that it crushes you, shakes you, mould you, and pushes you to you knees until you felt hopeless and powerless? You rise up only to find yourself on your knees again. That heart of yours have taken so much – you are numb for all other big things that people are fretting about. But you soon realise that your heart and soul have become stronger – because your dependence to God has never been deeper. You are a better person, and that is all that matters. Perhaps. Not many families have the opportunity because living in Malaysia is like living on an ‘auto-cruise’ – you do not have the chance to reflect and correct about life. To do something very different. To experience something new. Is there a way to completely change a person by completely changing their life (living in Malaysia)?